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Creating A Promo Video With Heart

Creating a promo video with heart

Promotional video production – you’d be surprised by how many questions we’re asked each week about promotional videos and for good reason too. The savviest of marketers know that when done well, these videos really strike a chord with consumers.

As with any kind of production, it’s essential you understand what’s involved in the process and what actually goes into making a video that becomes a fantastic promotional tool. To help you to understand what can be a complex process, we’ve outlined 5 steps in the promotional video production process that we consider to be essential (in other words, they cannot be skipped!).

Step 1 – devising a strategy and understanding your end goals

When we work with our clients, this phase often involves us asking the questions that leads organisation’s to thinking about their goals. Ultimately, what’s the purpose of the video? It’s here that we note down these goals, create a story outline (read why storytelling is essential to making quality videos here), set a budget, define the audience and start on a script and storyboarding. As you can see, this step is complex and you should never try to cut corners as doing so will have a direct impact on your video.

Step 2 – pre-production

This is where you need to factor in and plan for all of the technical aspects in terms of filming. Here, you’ll ascertain what you’ll need on set, how many microphones are required, who’s taking care of lighting, if you need any permits for filming locations and so on. Again, this is a critical phase as if things don’t go to plan, you can end up losing days in shooting due to seemingly small oversights.

Step 3 – production

This is when you’ll spend your days actually filming. Of course, filming can be done either on-set or at various locations – the story you’re trying to tell will help you to determine where your shooting locations will be.

Step 4 – post-production

Technically, this is probably the hardest of the steps outlined here. The process of editing isn’t a skill that can be learnt quickly or simply by watching a YouTube video. Good editing really is an art and it’s very time consuming. Similarly, ensuring the visuals and sound are where they need to be are also very specific skill-sets.

Step 5 – getting your video out there

This is the fun part! Now that you’ve got a video you’re (hopefully) happy with, you can start distributing it and showing it to the world. Getting eyeballs in front of your video can be challenging but in our experience, the more out of the box your thinking is, the better. Of course, you’ve got your own website to upload the video to, numerous social media channels, you can reach out to the media… depending on your business and message, the possibilities really are endless!

 Here’s an example of what a great promotional video looks like:

Hepburn Springs from Creswick Creative on Vimeo.

At the end of the day, all of the above factors and elements are going to determine whether or not you end up with a quality video capable of engaging your target audience. You don’t have to do it all alone – we’re here to work alongside you to ensure you end up with a promotional video that gets your phones ringing and has people talking about your organisation in a positive light.

Ready to make a great video that will effectively market your business? Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch.