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The One Element That Can Make Or Break Any Video

The one element that can make or break any video

Regardless of what type of video you’re creating, there is no denying the importance of finding the right music or jingle to complement a video. Not to sound too dramatic but these elements really can make or break a video and either help or hinder you to achieve your goals.

Here are 5 elements that the best videos nail in terms of their music and soundtrack.

The music and soundtrack become a character in the video

We talk a lot about storytelling in quality video production. The music in any video almost becomes another character – it helps to create the mood throughout and is a vital aspect of the storytelling process as it creates light and shade.

It doesn’t overshadow the audio

People often say you can have an ordinary looking video and great music or audio and people will still watch but if you have a video that looks fantastic with terrible music and audio, people will quickly switch off. The real genius in video production lies in restraint – knowing when to use what element to positively add to the footage that appears on-screen.

The jingle needs to be appropriate

Whenever you use music in video production, you need to consider your business, its branding and what type of video you’re putting together. Is it a showreel, a commercial, a corporate or promotional video, something for social media or another kind of video? There’s a real expertise in selecting the perfect piece of music to accompany the visuals and to set the tone. You wouldn’t use a humorous or mysterious soundtrack to back a corporate video where you’re going for a very serious look and feel as it would result in the wrong kind of emotions coming up for the audience. Consider a corporate video for a law firm – you wouldn’t want to select a piece of music that could also be used to promote a comedian.

A touch of uniqueness

Think of your favourite TV show and its opening credits. Chances are, you associate that soundtrack immediately with that particular show. Music and jingles can be a powerful way to result in certain sounds and pieces of music to encourage people to think about your brand. At Creswick Creative, we’ve seen how effective writing and producing a jingle from scratch can be for businesses looking to grow their brand awareness and be top of mind with their ideal clients.

The music speaks to the audience

Whenever you’re making any decision about your video, your audience should always be front and centre. You need to consider your target market and how your choice of music will speak to them. So you wouldn’t go with a rapper (hello Jay-Z) to back a video that explores the team behind a top selling real estate company. If you’re going for a broad market, don’t be too adventurous or you’ll risk alienating portions of your audience.

Matching the right soundtrack to your business and its video goals is incredibly important. Want a great jingle for your business to help make it REALLY stand out and be remembered? Look no further than Creswick Creative!

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