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5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Among The Most Effective Types Of Promotion

5 reasons why video marketing is among the most effective types of promotion

In today’s time-poor world, people are engaging with video at higher levels than ever before. Most importantly, this is no trend – the forecast for all things video marketing is incredibly positive. We take a look at how video marketing has become increasingly effective in today’s fast-paced digital world.

#1. Video marketing drives conversions

A good video can get its message across within two to three minutes, prompting a customer to click through and buy a product instantly. People have less time to read lengthy articles or product pages outlining features and other specs. Vision is king (or queen) heading into 2019 and beyond.

#2. Search engines embrace video

According to Moovly, a page is 53 times more likely to appear first on Google when it incorporates video. Staggering, isn’t it?! Ideally, you want people to spend as much time as possible exploring your site and video is great at engaging your target market, explaining more simply and quickly and driving them to make a purchase.

#3. Storytelling

Unlike other mediums, video marketing has the ability to break down complex ideas into bite-sized and easily digestible chunks for audiences to take in and understand. You’re not that business cold calling customers in ‘hope’ you’ll get a yes: you’re the business using a video to tell a story that has an impact and drives potential customers to take an action.

#4. Shareability

People can share a quality video within seconds… quicker than it takes to make a coffee! We know ‘viral’ is the big buzzword out there but reality is, a video doesn’t need to go viral to be an incredible success for a business and generate fantastic return on investment (ROI). Your business doesn’t have to reach the world: it needs to connect with your target market. Video paves the way for your top customers to spread the word on your behalf.

#5. Flexibility

When it comes to video and how to incorporate it into your company’s Marketing Strategy, there are no rules. In fact, experimentation is key. Use video alone, team it up with a blog post or article, place it on your Homepage, link out to a video in your email marketing… the possibilities are endless. Our advice is to experiment with everything that aligns with your business’ branding and then track, measure and assess the results. From there, you can pour more resource into the ways in which your videos perform best.

Think you need to channel the likes of Steven Spielberg or Sofia Coppola to get the results we’ve touched on here? Think again! Your customers aren’t expecting to see a Hollywood blockbuster from your brand. They’re looking for a video that tells a story about how your products or services can help them to solve a problem or achieve greater satisfaction in their everyday life.

Interested in creating an effective video that is best placed to generate great ROI for your business? Contact our team today and we’ll be in touch to assess your business’ unique needs.