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3 Corporate Explainer Video Styles That Can Give Your Business A Boost

3 corporate explainer video styles that can give your business a boost

Not all corporate explainer video styles are created equally. Like movies, these videos come in all different styles so understanding which is the best fit for your brand, is crucial.

An explainer video is…

It’s sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? In our experience, not necessarily. Put simply, it’s a basic but powerful video that is engaged and grabs your target market’s attention.

Our favourite corporate explainer video styles

Regardless of which style of explainer video you choose, you’re looking to showcase your business and explain even the most complex of ideas simply. Your call to action should be clear so that you’re effortlessly directing people to do something.

Now onto the stars of the show… three corporate explainer video styles we love:


If you’re a parent, we’ve got a question for you: who loved The Lego Movie more? You or your kids? We thought so! Jokes aside, animated characters are loved by people of all ages and pave the way for powerful storytelling. And let’s be honest, it’s much easier to get an animated character to say the right line at the right time than a stressed business owner who has no experience and isn’t comfortable in front of the camera.

Animated characters can create an emotional connection with your brand without people getting caught up on irrelevant factors such as someone’s haircut, their glasses, what they’re wearing… we all do it! Animation helps to showcase a core and complex message in a highly entertaining manner.

Live action videos

If your business is a little more old-school or animation just isn’t appropriate, there’s nothing like the golden oldie live action video. The success of this video style depends largely on the star of the show’s (the person speaking to camera) ability to forge a real connection with the audience. It’s incredibly important for the talent to feel comfortable in order to get the best results here – they need to be authentic in their delivery in order to build trust. When in doubt, get a second opinion from that brutally honest co-worker or friend (we all have at least one of these people in our lives, right? Time to put them to work!).

Company profile video

If you’re a new business, these kind of videos can be especially effective as they introduce your company to its various stakeholders. Despite being short and sweet, these videos generally introduce your company briefly, while explaining the types of products and services on offer. They’re great little relationship building kickstarters!

There’s a reason corporate explainer videos have gained momentum in recent times: they’re powerful vehicles for businesses to communicate key messages. They also perform incredibly well across social media and don’t date as quickly as other video styles. Choose the right video style for your business’ goals and you won’t look back!

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