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Your Guide To Motion Graphics

Your guide to motion graphics

If you’ve delved into the video marketing world, there’s no doubt you would have come across the term ‘motion graphics’ at some point. Like most industries, video has its jargon terms that sound a lot more complex than they actually are.

So what are motion graphics and why are they so popular? Put simply, it’s basically an animation technique in which images, letters, objects, video and sound combine to tell a story. It can be incredibly effective in presenting a complex idea or promoting a product. Over the years, we’ve found videos that use motion graphics, to be some of our most successful and popular videos.

If you ask us, there’s one incredibly vital element that makes this kind of video a success: it’s simplicity and ease to understand. Even though you may be unaware, motion graphics are used widely on the devices you’re likely to use each day. We’re talking about Smartphones, websites, on TV and so on.

If you’re interested more in the ‘how’ side of things, motion graphics can be made either entirely on a computer, or they can be a mixture of digital and animated parts. Given how crucial animation is in terms of storytelling and its popularity both here in Melbourne and right around the globe, it’s safe to assume that in 2017, we’ll see some interesting trends emerging in the motion graphics world.

The Creswick Creative team have put our heads together and come up with a shortlist of areas in the motion graphics in 2017 and beyond that we find incredible exciting!

Use of animation for documentaries and illustrations

More and more, we’re seeing our clients request the use of animation in order to raise awareness about important issues or to tell stories that leave a lasting impression on people. The best animations have the capacity to tell complex stories and pass on complicated messages in simple ways. They’re also incredibly versatile, which is huge in our books as they can be used for serious subject matters, while also incorporating humour where needed.

The logo world

As technology has evolved, we’ve seen a real blending of worlds. There’s no denying how powerful an effective logo can be. We all instantly recognise the Nike tick or the Apple for Macintosh computers. What we’re also seeing is that static logos are slowly making way for clean and minimalist designs that can later be turned into engaging forms of art when used in creative ways. This can make all the difference between someone staying on your site for longer or leaving because their first impression is that they’ve seen it all before.

Mixture of 2D and 3D

If there’s one thing we love seeing, it’s the mixture of 2D and 3D to create something far more interesting for the human eye. Generally speaking, it’s the 3D objects that are placed in a 2D space and the results are amazing.

At the end of the day, motion graphics are one of the most powerful forms of communication but there is an art to getting them right. If you’re searching for a video production company that has expertise in this area, make sure you ask the right questions. Some key questions to raise include:

– Do you have a portfolio of motion graphics work to look at?
– How long have you been in business?
– Can you create a piece of content that not only looks great, but ties in with my business’ larger goals?
Remember, video is an extension of your branding and as such, you want to end up with a final product that you’re proud to use on your website, across social media and to promote your business and its products/services widely.

Having been in business for almost two decades now, you can be sure that the Creswick Creative team has the perfect video solution for you. We’re based in Melbourne but we have clients all over the world – contact us today to learn how we can help you to maximise your bottom line.