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Should You Use Video On Your Business Website?

Should you use video on your business website?

There are so many different uses for video on any website. Just having one or two effective videos on your homepage can be the difference between a potential customer leaving immediately, or choosing to remain on your website longer to discover more about your business.

One thing’s for sure: regardless of whether you’re based here in Melbourne like us, interstate or overseas, the popularity of video is growing. The way people consume content is always changing and in a time poor world, we’ve seen a huge shift towards video content in recent years that continues to gain momentum.

A lot of different factors come into play in terms of what makes an effective video. Above all else, working with the right video production company is crucial. They need to understand your needs, your goals and maintain effective communication throughout any project.

A great video has the power to transform a static website into a dynamic site that interacts with your prospects. So what types of video content can a quality video production company produce to improve your business website? We’ve written about some of our favourite video types below.

Demonstration videos

Some of our clients just can’t get enough “How to” videos to satisfy their customer’s demands. These handy videos can easily become popular content because essentially, they are education pieces. So while they can often save you time and money in terms of customer service resources, these videos keep people on your site for longer. Some great examples of demonstration videos include:

How to videos that show people how to install or set-up products
How to videos that show that way your product works

Promotion videos

How often would you create a special ad to promote your latest campaign or discount? Video is a great way to do this as opposed to a print ad or letterbox drop as it’s far more engaging and interactive. Use these kind of videos to show off new products on offer, notify customers of upcoming sales and if you’re keen on doing something a bit different, you can also include special codes within videos to reward customers for watching.

Information videos

When you provide value to your customers, you establish yourself as an expert in your industry and the ‘go to’ business for whatever your problem solves. Education videos provide people with in-depth knowledge about your product/service/industry and best of all, they have the power to reach people all over the globe. In other words, if you’re based in Melbourne, you can tap into a whole new market by using video whereas other forms of marketing in the past (letterbox drops for example), have been limited in what they can achieve.

We haven’t even mentioned the opportunity for cross promotion in the above examples. Videos can be used for multiple uses – not only to add to your website or in blogs, but also to promote via social media and to incorporate into your email marketing strategy. Of course, most businesses are aware that consumers need multiple touchpoints before they make a purchase from you.

Video is the way of the future: while it can definitely help you to build credibility and connect with your customers in minutes, it also has the power to boost sales and increase conversion rates. As is always the case, the quality of your video will also play a role in determining its success and longevity.

Looking for a video production company that is passionate about what they do and keen to work with you towards your bigger business goals? Reach out to Creswick Creative today and one of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible.