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Advertising Jingles

Creswick Creative can write and produce a jingle that will put your company front and centre in everyone’s mind!

30 second Jingle for ‘Activ8Me’

Consider the 'Creswick Difference' For Your Advertising Jingles

Jingles that stick!

Ever had a jingle get stuck in your head that you can’t get out? Well they’re the ones that work! At Creswick Creative we create jingles that are recognisable and help put brands on the map! Any brand, any product, any time, let us create a great jingle for your business that will be remembered for many years to come!

Sell it with a tune!

They say “The tell don’t sell”…well we say “A tune and a croon could land you the moon!” Just give us a brief and we’ll do the rest! From ideas, to melodies, to recording and producing, we’ll write a tune for you that could help sell your product over and over and over again! Contact us to sell it with a tune today.

Give me a dime for your time!

We think Jingles don’t have to cost the earth and they don’t! Once we write and record a jingle for you it’s yours to own and use for as long as you like, after all, it is your jingle! No year after year royalties to pay, just one fee and you’re free to play your jingle til eternity!