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The 5 Ingredients That’ll See Your Corporate Video Generating Results

The 5 ingredients that’ll see your corporate video generating results

It’s hard to believe but the year has flown by and we’re already in October and here in Melbourne, it’s Spring! We often associate Spring with new beginnings. So if you’re one of the few businesses that hasn’t included video as part of your overall marketing strategy, now is a good time to take a step back and assess how a corporate video could help to boost business heading into 2017.

Using a corporate video strategically can generate incredible results for your business. According to Convince and Convert, adding a video to your website increases your chance of getting your site to Google’s front page by a whopping 53x. When combined with an effective overall marketing strategy, a quality video can make all the difference.

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients based here in Melbourne, interstate and all over the world and if we could only pass on one piece of advice, it would be this: the quality of your video has the power to make or break its success.

This statement is even more powerful when it comes to corporate videos, the best of which position organisations as industry leaders in their chosen field, highlight their superior customer service and reiterate their company culture.

We’re incredibly passionate about ensuring business owners have the knowledge they need to create effective videos so the team at Creswick Creative has compiled a list of 5 ingredients that’ll see your corporate video generating longer-term results.

1 – Your video must reflect your brand

Brand integrity is incredibly important and your corporate video needs to reflect the values and messages in-line with everything your organisation stands for. An experienced production company will work alongside you to create a video that’s not only entertaining but that effectively represents your brand.

2 – It should look professional

Visual and sound elements are incredibly important in capturing and maintaining the attention of your target audience. Both can also act as dead giveaways in terms of a DIY job. Audiences are incredibly sophisticated these days – it’s unlikely they’re going to be impressed by a video of someone talking straight to the camera for over 2 minutes. Everything matters – backgrounds, wardrobe, sound and so on.

3 – Its format needs to be appropriate

The format of your video needs to appeal to your target audience and work towards your end goals. Inappropriate humour and settings can leave a bad taste in your audience’s mouth. The great news is that there’s so much to work with in terms of corporate videos – CEO/owner interviews, client testimonials, office tours or even a sneak peak at key business events. Regardless of the format you choose, what you’re really going for is authenticity.

4 – You need to speak to your customers in their language

If you’re not speaking the same language as your customers or alternatively, create a video that’s just not going to interest them, it speaks volumes. Now’s the time to avoid jargon language and to focus on shining a light on the more human side of your business so that you can make an emotional connection with customers. At the end of the day, people are going to want to find out more and get in touch because of how you make them feel.

5 – What you do post-production is just as important

We’re big believers in being honest and transparent. A video alone isn’t going to see sales sky-rocketing – you need to devise and implement an effective video marketing strategy. Consider carefully how you can spread the word about your video – your website, your blog, social channels… could you pitch it to relevant media as a news story or to run on their blog? There are plenty of options out there – do a little bit of homework and trust us, it’ll make all the difference.

Ready to investigate how a corporate video can help your organisation? Regardless of whether you’re based in Melbourne or elsewhere, video marketing is now an essential part of any successful marketing mix. Contact us to start the conversation today.