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Your Recipe For Web Video Success

Your recipe for web video success

Everyone wants their web video to go viral, right? It’s completely understandable – a viral video results in more eyeballs looking at your brand and going to your website and hopefully, purchasing your product or service. So what are some of the key ingredients that contribute to successful web video production?

We reveal some of our favourite ingredients below.

Know your video’s purpose

No one in business makes a video just for the sake of it. Before shooting your web video, you should have a clear purpose of what you’re trying to achieve so that you know what indicators are going to tell you if the video is a success. Some common goals include:

– Increasing new customers
– Boosting the number of products sold
– Capturing customer details such as email addresses

With a clear starting point in mind, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Focus on telling a story, not making sales

Think about the videos you remember. Chances are, they told a story of some kind – perhaps they illustrated how the product/service solved someone’s problem. With people more time poor than ever, you need the most engaging content at the start of your video so structure your script with the knowledge that people won’t necessarily watch the entire video. If someone was to stop your video and retain just one message, what would you like that message to be?

Be informative

Whether you’re talking about radio or video production, it’s harder than ever before to serve new information up to audiences. Think outside the box when putting your script together – what message can you include that is different and will entice people to share your video because they’ve learnt something new? Don’t be worried about giving all of your secrets away. If you deliver top-notch information, your audience should largely do the rest for you.

Use humour (where appropriate)

The best videos strike some kind of emotional chord with viewers – using humour can be a powerful way to tap into the shareability of your video. Speak the same language as your target market and remember, there’s a lot of heavy content doing the rounds thanks to the 24/7 news cycle. People love inspirational, lighter stories with a funny twist that they can consume without too much thought and pass onto their friends.

Be timely

This might just be the most important ingredient when we’re talking about viral web videos. When you tap into existing topic areas that people are discussing widely across the internet, you’re increasing the chances of content being shared. Think about how you can tie your service/product into what’s happening in the world today. Of course, you’ll also want to provide people with a unique view or twist in some way so that this doesn’t just become a case of ‘seen that already,’ with your target market.

Asking the question ‘what makes a web video go viral?’ is a bit like asking, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Many factors come into play and it’s also fair to say that luck plays a small role. With almost two decades’ worth of experience up our sleeves, you can bet that the team here at Creswick Creative have seen our fair share of viral videos over the years.

If you ask us, video production of any kind isn’t necessarily about going viral. Sure, it’s a bonus if it happens but at the end of the day, your web video goals should revolve around producing a video that benefits your business and helps to maximise your bottom line.

We can help you to brainstorm web video ideas that’ll make all the difference to your business – from the start of your project right through to the end, Creswick Creative are your proud video partners.

Simply contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to organise a time to discuss your requirements further.