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3 Reasons Why Video Editing Can Make Or Break Your Video

3 reasons why video editing can make or break your video

Regardless of what kind of video you’re making, there’s no denying that every step in the video production process is important. Our many years’ worth of experience has led us to confidently say:

Video editing is one of the most important stages as it really can make or break your video

Why? Editing is a skill… it’s not something you can learn from watching a YouTube video on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Anyone involved in video production will tell you that video editing is one of the most important jobs in film.

As you can imagine, in our line of work, we’ve seen a lot of poor video editing attempts. Take it from us: this isn’t one area where you can afford to cut corners. If you’ve put in the effort to make a video, you really need to get a quality video editor onboard to ensure the end result is everything you hoped for.

Below, you’ll find 3 reasons that further prove just how integral editing is to the video production process:

Reason #1: editing is a crucial part of the storytelling process

When it comes to video, nothing is more important than flow – if you get the flow of your video and the story you’re trying to tell right, you’re well on your way to producing a quality video. Ultimately, how visuals and sounds are blended together is going to determine whether your target market and ideal customers, are going to feel emotionally connected to whatever product or service you’re trying to sell.

Reason #2: cut footage is often as important as what makes the final cut

As we’ve mentioned before, ideally, your video shouldn’t be too long. It needs to be short and sharp while including the content it needs in order to engage your target market. Often, cutting footage is a great way to ensure your video flows beautifully and to cut down length. However, the real art here lies in cutting shots at the perfect time so that they don’t disrupt the video’s flow.

Our Showreel is a great example of how footage can be edited in clever ways to showcase the strengths of a service (in our case, video production):

Creswick Creative – Showreel 2016 from Creswick Creative on Vimeo.

Reason #3: sound editing matters

Have you ever watched your favourite TV show or movie in mute? Sound is vital to a quality video – what you see on-screen needs to flow with what you’re hearing. Both should work seamlessly together. So much so that your audience should never think about either – poor sound editing can see your audience focusing on everything but your product or service. Adjusting volume levels, synchronising audio and video clips… they’re all part of the editing process.

People outside of the video production industry, often fail to realise just how important video editing is. It may happen last in the production process but how your video is edited can really alter the final product. We can’t emphasise just how important it is enough!

As you’ve read here, editing is a real skill that requires experience and a knack for understanding how footage looks, sounds and ultimately, will impact on its audience. A good video editor will ensure your audience feels immersed in every aspect of your video.

With video’s popularity increasing with consumers, now’s a great time to learn how your business can use video to boost product and service sales and really position you as an industry leader.

If you’re keen to learn more about video production, contact our friendly team and together, we’ll explore how a video can help your organisation.