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How To Make A Video Commercial That Benefits Your Business

How to make a video commercial that benefits your business

Once upon a time, video commercials were seen in one place only: on television. These days, thanks to the rise of the internet and the ever-popular YouTube, video commercials have many uses and are one of the most flexible options when it comes to corporate video productions here in Melbourne and right around the globe.

The rise of the internet has really helped to level the playing field for businesses. As we know, TV marketing can be incredibly costly and it’s just not an option for a lot of businesses out there. Now, brands can compete at a far more reasonable entry point in relation to budgeting. Since returning from the Christmas/New Year break, we’re seeing more and more enquiries coming in and asking for a good place to start in terms of corporate video production and video in general.

Like anything in business and life in general, there are always lessons to be learnt, even more so when we experience things for the first time. Our talented team have put together 5 common pitfalls to avoid when organising your first corporate video production.

#1 – Pay attention to backgrounds

We’ve seen this one quite a few times… people believe they’ve shot the best footage ever, only to discover something distracting is lurking in the background when they go to play the video back. People eating, animals, inappropriate surrounds such as someone’s backyard and so on. Remember, this is a corporate video so your entire setting needs to look professional.

#2 – Length of video

The best videos are short and sharp. Think of all the noise you’re competing with online. You want to get to your message quickly and succinctly. While you and your team may think the subject matter is incredibly engaging, try to place yourself in someone else’s shoes and ask the question: is this stimulating enough?

#3 – Forgetting to add a call to action

What do you want to do after watching your video? This is a really careful consideration to make – your call to action should never be an afterthought. It needs to flow logically, seamlessly and direct your target market as to the next direction to take.

#4 – Poor sound

DIY videos have their place but it’s probably not in the corporate environment. The videos that do the best in this space ooze professionalism – from the sound, to backgrounds, lighting, editing and storytelling. Nothing is worse than not being able to hear someone talking to camera.

#5 – Too many messages

Really, your video should focus on a single message. When things start to become too confusing to follow for your audience, that’s when they’ll automatically tune out. Work with your team to decide on one single message that is easy to communicate and then think about the best way to pass on the information to your audience. Include essential information only – for example, if you’re showcasing a new product, chances are, your audience has no need to hear about its history. It’s best to get to the point and explain how the product is going to make their lives easier or better in some way.

It’s been an incredible busy start to the year here at Creswick Creative and heaps of really exciting things have been happening. We’ve recently started producing entire campaigns from start to finish for our clients. Watch out for a few new video clips we’ll have for you to take a look at soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss the benefits of corporate video production, contact us and we’ll be in touch to discuss your unique needs. We’re based in Melbourne but work with clients right around Australia and the globe.