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What’s The One Word On Everyone’s Lips In 2017?

What’s the one word on everyone’s lips in 2017?

Before we get into this blog, we hope you enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones. It’s great to be back in 2017 and to start the year fresh! 

So, how did you go with answering our question in the headline?

If you guessed ‘video’, you’d be absolutely correct! If you’re wondering why, we’ve got a bit of a fun activity for you that’ll tell you everything you need to know (and prove we’re not just saying this because we’re in the commercial video production space). Almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account for their business these days (if you don’t, definitely look into it). We want you to look at your Insights/Analytics (whatever you like to call them) and have a good look at the kind of content that is performing the best with your audience.

For those of you who have dabbled with video or are using video on a regular basis, we can almost guarantee that your video content will be doing incredibly well. And if it isn’t, that probably tells you something about the quality and effectiveness of your videos and messaging.

Almost every platform now ranks video higher than most other forms of content. Why? In our opinion, it largely comes back to how people are consuming content and the fact that we’re all gradually growing more time poor. If you look closely, you’re likely to see that all across the board, content marketing is becoming far more visual.

Consider this: YouTube has over a billion users – that’s almost a third of the internet population. It’s a huge stat!

Now, if you’re reading this and feeling overwhelmed because you don’t think your business is where it needs to be in relation to video, don’t be! It’s not too late to include commercial video production as a key element in your existing marketing mix. In saying that, it is something any business intent on thriving should look at sooner rather that later. If you ask us, video is only going to get bigger as social media and the internet in general grows. All you have to do is look at how quickly people have jumped onto the likes of Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to see how integral visual content is to how we consume things these days.

If you’re new to video, where should you start? Here are our three top tips when you’re looking into commercial video production.

Tip #1 – If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is

“You get what you pay for.” It’s a saying most of us would be familiar with and even if you find it quite annoying, it tends to be true in almost all cases. The reality is that quality videos that will help you to boost and maximise your business cost money to make. We’ve been around for over 10 years and we can safely say we’ve heard so many horror stories about cutting corners that wind up costing more money eventually.

Whenever you’re in discussions with a production company, get a breakdown of the costs for the quote and ask them to explain each element (although, the production company should do so without you having to ask) 

Tip #2 – There is a place for DIY video but know if it’s right for you

We’ve all heard of those YouTube stars who pushed record, uploaded their video and the rest is history. Sure, this can work across certain industries but a poor quality video does have the potential to leave your potential clients with a bad impression. The right production company will listen to your needs, your ideas and guide you towards the best solution for you, keeping your budget and end goals in mind.

Tip #3 – Ask lots of questions 

There really are no silly questions, especially when you’re seeking expert advice in a space that is relatively new to you. After receiving a Project Proposal, we always like to give our customers a reasonable amount of time to read it through and to jot down any questions they may have. Remember: no one knows your business like you do! There’s no point in creating something that looks like the next Star Wars film (we’re exaggerating) but fails to hit a nerve with your target market.

 Commercial video production doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. Our team here at Creswick Creative has almost two decades’ worth of experience in all things video and we’re always keen to help those willing to inform themselves about the latest video technology.

Contact us today for a relaxed chat about how we can get video working to boost your business in 2017 and beyond!