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Harnessing The Power Of The Internet To Boost Business Heading Into Christmas

Harnessing the power of the internet to boost business heading into Christmas

If there’s one thing the internet has succeeded in doing in relation to business, it’s that it has evened the playing field. When we first entered the video business back in 1998, it was pretty much only larger companies with higher profits who could afford to throw a decent amount of money towards advertising with video.

These days, thanks largely to the internet, we’re seeing businesses of all sizes coming to us who are interested in our internet video production services. It’s not too difficult to see why either: when it comes to using marketing online for business growth, there’s never been a better time to explore how video can slot into your current marketing mix.

On the flip side, with so many companies now able to afford online marketing, competition is fiercer than ever and we’re all competing with huge amounts of online noise. This applies to all industries – just think of your Facebook feed. When you log into your account, how many items do you see on your newsfeed instantly? You’re likely to find a combination of post types – videos, news articles, posts from your friends and so on.

We always get excited when we receive enquiries about our internet video production services. If you ask us, there’s never been a better time for businesses to explore how a quality video can generate the kind of exposure we’re all looking for. Where some business owners tend to go wrong, is in their thinking that they can bang together any kind of DIY video, pop it online, sit back and wait for it to go viral. Depending on the industry, DIY video definitely has its place but for most businesses, it’s not going to cut it.

Sadly, in almost two decades, we’ve even seen a few instances of video having the opposite impact. If you’re trying to be a go-to authority in your industry and your video isn’t up to scratch (we’re talking about the use of poor visuals, storytelling that doesn’t capture viewers, bad editing and so on), it’s only natural that your video is going to miss the mark. 

If we could pinpoint only one thing we’d like you to takeaway from this article, it’s this:

In relation to internet video production services, work with the best because when it comes to any kind of marketing, your business’ reputation is on the line.

You can’t buy experience and when we’re talking about video production, you want to engage with a company who’ll work alongside you to create an end product that will showcase your company. A video that speaks to your audience in their language, positions your business as an authority in your field and is in-line with your business values, branding and overall mission statement.

In most cases, the ability to align all of the above, is the difference between a video you can deem successful and a product that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Once you do have a video that ticks all the boxes and that you’re happy to show off to the world, you’ll need a solid strategy in terms of how you’ll market the video. This often depends on the type of video created.

Where appropriate, a lot of our clients have used their videos as a centrepiece on their homepage. Whenever someone lands on their website, the video plays and gives people a rundown of their business in an engaging way, helping them to stand out from their competitors. We’ve had other customers who use videos as part of their pitches or have had incredible success with video and social media. If you love your social media, you would have seen how the right kind of videos can really work on Facebook and Instagram as well.

If you’re keen to work with a company who’s been involved in the video services industry for almost two decades, look no further than Creswick Creative. We’ll start by having a conversation about how video marketing can become an essential part of your business’ marketing mix. Contact us today!