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Video Marketing On Social Media: The Benefits Of 10-second Storytelling

Video marketing on social media: the benefits of 10-second storytelling

Video marketing has a history spanning seven decades. Since, marketers have continued to dabble in everything from corporate videos to ads specifically for social media, the ability to tell a story remains at the centre of any great video marketing campaign. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Shakespeare to create an effective ad!

The state of play in 2018 and beyond

We’re living in the digital age where attention spans are becoming shorter (no need to take offence!) and people are spending more time on social media. The key issue for brands to understand is that the time spent on social consists of scrolling news feeds and notifications constantly popping up as users browse through these platforms. Gaining the same traction with shorter video ads is possible, it just requires you to embrace your inner Walt Disney a little more!

How the most savvy brands are benefitting from the use of shorter promotional videos

They continue to push the boundaries and work on perfecting the art of storytelling in the digital age

Every second counts, which means that if you’re not engaging your target market at the half-way mark (we’re being generous) of a 10-second video, you’re in trouble. The brands who are doing great things in the video marketing space understand how to build their messaging and develop a story within seconds. Ever looked at the length of a video before deciding whether it’s worth your time? You’re not alone! We’re far more likely to give a 10-second video a go on social media than one that lasts five or so minutes. Savvy brands work with the information they have on-hand.

Their approach to storytelling consistently changes

When you’re working with short videos, you’ve got a real opportunity to tell a story over the course of multiple videos. Social media presents you with the perfect opportunity to do this – when brands have a clear grasp on the message they’re trying to convey, they’re able to tell a compelling story and produce shareable content that keeps people coming back for more. Don’t try to make a blockbuster flick like the Avengers in 10 seconds!

They’re taking advantage of the value for money advertising opportunity that social media presents

Once upon a time, the price tag involved with advertising on traditional mediums such as television or radio, locked a lot of businesses out of the promotion space. Social media is a different ball game. While there is often a lot of testing and experimentation involved, boosting videos by advertising on social media is a cost-effective way to get more eyeballs on your videos. Brands doing social media well tap into the Mark Zuckerberg’s around them (in other words, they’re really social media savvy) to gain the best return on investment (ROI) for their advertising dollars.

Regardless of the kind of video you’re pushing out via social media, quick cut-through is the key to its success. While video production for channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat may require a fresh approach, when brands strike success, the results speak for themselves.

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