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Corporate Video

The 5 ingredients that’ll see your corporate video generating results

It’s hard to believe but the year has flown by and we’re already in October and here in Melbourne, it’s Spring! We often associate Spring with new beginnings. So if you’re one of the few businesses that hasn’t included video as part of your overall marketing strategy, now is a good time to take a step back and assess how a corporate video could help to boost business heading into 2017.

Using a corporate video strategically can generate incredible results for your business. According to Convince and Convert, adding a video to your website increases your chance of getting your site to Google’s front page by a whopping 53x. When combined with an effective overall marketing strategy, a quality video can make all the difference.

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Video Editing

3 reasons why video editing can make or break your video

Regardless of what kind of video you’re making, there’s no denying that every step in the video production process is important. Our many years’ worth of experience has led us to confidently say:

Video editing is one of the most important stages as it really can make or break your video

Why? Editing is a skill… it’s not something you can learn from watching a YouTube video on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Anyone involved in video production will tell you that video editing is one of the most important jobs in film.

As you can imagine, in our line of work, we’ve seen a lot of poor video editing attempts. Take it from us: this isn’t one area where you can afford to cut corners. If you’ve put in the effort to make a video, you really need to get a quality video editor onboard to ensure the end result is everything you hoped for.

Below, you’ll find 3 reasons that further prove just how integral editing is to the video production process:

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How To Create A Video

How to make a video that drives results

Here’s a question for you. Do you think video consumption is:

A: Declining

B: The same as it’s always been

C: On the rise

For those of you who have done your homework about the latest marketing trends, you won’t have to think too hard in order to answer that question. That said, while you may be aware that video consumption is on the rise, you may not realise just how impressive conversion rates are.

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Promotional Video

Creating a promo video with heart

Promotional video production – you’d be surprised by how many questions we’re asked each week about promotional videos and for good reason too. The savviest of marketers know that when done well, these videos really strike a chord with consumers.

As with any kind of production, it’s essential you understand what’s involved in the process and what actually goes into making a video that becomes a fantastic promotional tool. To help you to understand what can be a complex process, we’ve outlined 5 steps in the promotional video production process that we consider to be essential (in other words, they cannot be skipped!).

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Corporate Video

Storytelling and corporate videos – a match made in heaven

Although storytelling has become a bit of a buzzword recently, it’s been around since dot. Regardless of the medium – from corporate video production to radio advertisements and infographics – storytelling is powerful.

Think about the brands we’ve come to know and love: stories act as their heart and soul. From Airbnb sharing stories from their community members to Nike’s video back in 1999 that commemorated Michael Jordan’s career… there are plenty of examples of great storytelling at play out there.

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