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Motion Graphics

Your guide to motion graphics

If you’ve delved into the video marketing world, there’s no doubt you would have come across the term ‘motion graphics’ at some point. Like most industries, video has its jargon terms that sound a lot more complex than they actually are.

So what are motion graphics and why are they so popular? Put simply, it’s basically an animation technique in which images, letters, objects, video and sound combine to tell a story. It can be incredibly effective in presenting a complex idea or promoting a product. Over the years, we’ve found videos that use motion graphics, to be some of our most successful and popular videos.

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Business Video Production

Should you use video on your business website?

There are so many different uses for video on any website. Just having one or two effective videos on your homepage can be the difference between a potential customer leaving immediately, or choosing to remain on your website longer to discover more about your business.

One thing’s for sure: regardless of whether you’re based here in Melbourne like us, interstate or overseas, the popularity of video is growing. The way people consume content is always changing and in a time poor world, we’ve seen a huge shift towards video content in recent years that continues to gain momentum.

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Video Production

Your checklist for choosing a video production partner

We’re only a couple of weeks into the New Year and it’s great to see how many enquiries we’re receiving from businesses looking to incorporate videos into their 2017 planning. Of course, with the rise of video in recent years, video production is an incredibly competitive field.

Some of the feedback from our clients about their discussions with a video production agency, has motivated our team to put together what we’re calling your complete checklist for choosing a video production partner. Why? While we may have been in the industry for almost two decades now, we continue to be incredibly passionate about where video is heading.

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Commercial Video Production

What’s the one word on everyone’s lips in 2017?

Before we get into this blog, we hope you enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones. It’s great to be back in 2017 and to start the year fresh! 

So, how did you go with answering our question in the headline?

If you guessed ‘video’, you’d be absolutely correct! If you’re wondering why, we’ve got a bit of a fun activity for you that’ll tell you everything you need to know (and prove we’re not just saying this because we’re in the commercial video production space). Almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account for their business these days (if you don’t, definitely look into it). We want you to look at your Insights/Analytics (whatever you like to call them) and have a good look at the kind of content that is performing the best with your audience.

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Video Production

How will you stand out from your competitors in 2017?

We’re almost at that time of the year again when Santa pays us a visit and we all eat way too much! It’s now that a lot of businesses will find themselves winding up for the year and perhaps even looking ahead to 2017. Of course, many business owners will be asking themselves:

What can we do differently next year to stand out from our competitors?

While a good portion of companies would have at least dabbled with some kind of video (web video production, animation, corporate videos and so on), there’s so much potential for video to help your business in 2017. If you haven’t even experimented with video up to this point, you need to realise that you’re missing out on capturing a huge chunk of your market.

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Internet Video Production Melbourne

Harnessing the power of the internet to boost business heading into Christmas

If there’s one thing the internet has succeeded in doing in relation to business, it’s that it has evened the playing field. When we first entered the video business back in 1998, it was pretty much only larger companies with higher profits who could afford to throw a decent amount of money towards advertising with video.

These days, thanks largely to the internet, we’re seeing businesses of all sizes coming to us who are interested in our internet video production services. It’s not too difficult to see why either: when it comes to using marketing online for business growth, there’s never been a better time to explore how video can slot into your current marketing mix.

On the flip side, with so many companies now able to afford online marketing, competition is fiercer than ever and we’re all competing with huge amounts of online noise. This applies to all industries – just think of your Facebook feed. When you log into your account, how many items do you see on your newsfeed instantly? You’re likely to find a combination of post types – videos, news articles, posts from your friends and so on.

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Motion Graphics

5 ways motion graphics can enhance your video

If you love video like we do, chances are, you can appreciate how important motion graphics can be. Before we go into why, what are motion graphics exactly?

Essentially, they are pieces of digital footage or animated text used within multimedia projects that can help covey your key messages and help tell your story.

Even if you haven’t realised it, you’ve seen plenty of examples of motion graphics on TV, in commercials, in movies and so on. Think of it this way: if we’re talking about a visual medium, there’s a high chance motion graphics are involved somehow.

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Corporate Video Production

What almost 2 decades teaches you about corporate video production

Sometimes, we have to pinch ourselves here at Creswick Creative. It’s hard to believe that we’ve now spent almost 2 decades providing our clients with quality video content and doing what we love. As you can imagine, we’ve also seen a lot of change in our time.

Once upon a time, video was seen largely as a luxury by businesses of all sizes. Today, it’s more accessible than ever and considered a crucial component in a successful Marketing Strategy. According to Syndacast, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be in video. That’s massive!

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What to look for in a video production company

Having been in the video production business since 1998, you can bet we’ve encountered our fair share of clients who’ve had a heap of questions for us to answer. When video production isn’t your area of expertise and with more companies popping up since the explosion of online video, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for in a quality video production company.

We’re proud to say that our team has a combined video production experience that spans around 40 plus years and that’s not something many businesses can say. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the video production industry and we’re incredibly passionate about what we do.

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